They call me St. Clark for a reason.

Hello! I'm Clark Sawyer. You may recognize me from the television show I'm on, Something Damaged, where I play Matthew. Or you may recognize me from my band, Haven. According to my castmates, I'm a saint, and have since been dubbed the name St. Clark. I guess it's alright. Feel free to ask me some questions, I love hearing from fans! :]

----This is an RP account, based off CP Coulter's character, from Dalton and Something Damaged----

Clark finished brushing his teeth and decided to wash his mouth out with some mouthwash too. He didn’t normally brush his teeth or rinse it out with mouthwash after a kissing scene, but Julian had been antsy about it and really upset afterwards so Clark decided to wash away allĀ remnantsĀ of Cameron’s taste from his mouth. Afterwards, he sat down on the couch in his trailer and nervously drummed his fingers on his thigh, waiting for Julian to show up - hoping he would at all. He was really upset after they finally wrapped the scene. Clark felt like he had to fix something, but he had no clue of what to do.